Franciscus Valentinus Dydynski Franciscus Valentinus Dydynski  ‎(I21389)‎
Vornamen: Franciscus Valentinus
Nachname: Dydynski
Bemerkung: Nobilis Possessor - Blawaty

Geschlecht: männlichmännlich

Geburt: 16. November 1801 51 41 Skalmierowice
Tod: 16. Mai 1864 ‎(Alter 62)‎ Gniewkowo
Persönliche Fakten und Details

I have been researching the Dydynski/Loga connection a bit recently and I found some traces but still little
of hard data. This branch is extremely elusive. They seem to have been kind of noble still in the first quarter
on the 19th century and they have apparently experienced a very rapid empoverishment later as the Dydynski's
end up marrying bricklayers and farm workers ‎(ploughmen :)‎ ) then in the 1860's or 1870's.
Apparently there is a Franciszek Dydynski born in 1801 in Ludzisko which would fit.

This is the baptismal record of Franciscus Valentinus, son of Joseph Didinski ‎(Dydynski)‎ and Catharina, born in Skalmierowice

and baptized in Ludzisko on 16 Nov 1801. Skalmierowice is located roughly 10 kilometers SW of Inowroclaw. There exists also

another Skalmierowice NE of Inowroclaw in case you get confused.

I have no direct proof this boy is identical to Franciscus Dydynski married to Alexandra Loga ‎(as their marriage record has

never been located so far)‎, but I find it quite likely. Franciscus died in 1864 in Gniewkowo in the age of 64 which matches

quite well. Also, there is a Stanislaus Dydynski ‎(b. 1810?)‎ who married Catharina Sobecka in 1836 in Ludziska who has

Franciscus and Catharina as parents. This couple lived in Blawaty near Strzelno in 1847-1848 ‎(child born there)‎ and at the same

period, your Franciscus and Alexandra are having their last child Julis born in the same Blawaty place in 1845. So these two

could well have been related. In 1843, Franciszek and Alexandra even had a child Antonina born in Koluda in the Ludzisko

parish, so it seems there is a strong connection.

Joseph Dydynski and Catharina Zielinska were married on 26 Sep 1791 in Izdebno. Now, there is a record in the Poznan court

records in which this Joseph ls lisetd as Joseph Franciscus, by which I assume that Stanislaus ‎(who had Franciscus and

Catharina as parents)‎ might even be your Franciscus' brother if we assume they both had the guy using Joseph and Franciscus

alternatively as a name.

The more into past, the more convoluted it is. The internet databases give Antoni Dydynski and Marianna Raciecka ‎(married in

Bnin 1745)‎ as possible parents for that Joseph/Franciscus but I still do not see any positive evidence for that.

Interestingly, there is even a birth in the Ludzisko parish in 1801 at which both Catharina Zielinska Dydynska and a Laurentius

Loga act as godparents. Maybe Alexandra descends from the Laurentius' line and the families knew each other well ahead?

Alexandra is mysterious, we just have her children's records in which she is mentioned, no birth, marriage or death record for
herself so far.

Gniewkowo is a town in Inowroclaw County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland with a population of 7,301. Wikipedia
Area:3.544 sq miles ‎(9.18 km²)‎

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Familiendaten als Kind
Joseph Francisco Dydynski ‎(I22520)‎
Geburt um 1750 30 Bnin, Poland
Tod um 1835 ‎(Alter 85)‎ Bnin, Poland
10 Jahre
Catharina Zielinska ‎(I22521)‎
Geburt um 1760

Heirat: 26. September 1791 -- Izdebno, Poland
10 Jahre
Franciscus Valentinus Dydynski ‎(I21389)‎
Geburt 16. November 1801 51 41 Skalmierowice
Tod 16. Mai 1864 ‎(Alter 62)‎ Gniewkowo
Familie mit Alexandra von Loga de Loga
Franciscus Valentinus Dydynski ‎(I21389)‎
Geburt 16. November 1801 51 41 Skalmierowice
Tod 16. Mai 1864 ‎(Alter 62)‎ Gniewkowo
11 Jahre
Alexandra von Loga de Loga ‎(I21390)‎
Geburt um 1813 Mrowska, Poland

kirchliche Ehe: um 1833 -- Gniewkowo
2 Jahre
Tochter (Geburt)
Anastasia Dydynska ‎(I21391)‎
Geburt 27. Februar 1835 33 22 Brodnica
1 Jahr
Sohn (Geburt)
Alexander Josephus Dydynski ‎(I21396)‎
Geburt 13. März 1836 34 23 Brodnica
Tod 27. Januar 1891 ‎(Alter 54)‎ Chlewiska, Poland
20 Monate
Carolina Rosalia Ratajska or Ratay Dydynska ‎(I21378)‎
Geburt 4. November 1837 35 24 Zbiczno, Poland
Tod 21. Mai 1918 ‎(Alter 80)‎ Warwick, New York, USA
3 Jahre
Sohn (Geburt)
Silvester Dydynski ‎(I21392)‎
Geburt 3. September 1840 38 27 Blawaty
2 Jahre
Tochter (Geburt)
Antonina Franciska Dydynska ‎(I21393)‎
Geburt 5. Januar 1843 41 30 Mala Koluda
Tod 7. Mai 1847 ‎(Alter 4)‎ Siikorowo, Gora, Poland
14 Monate
Tochter (Geburt)
Josepha Dydynska ‎(I21394)‎
Geburt 6. März 1844 42 31 Blawaty
16 Monate
Sohn (Geburt)
Julius Dydynski ‎(I21395)‎
Geburt 1. Juli 1845 43 32 Blawaty
14 Monate
Sohn (Geburt)
Maximilian Brunon Dydynski ‎(I22864)‎
Geburt 27. August 1846 44 33 Sikorowo, Gora, Poland
18 Monate
Sohn (Geburt)
Valentin Dydynski ‎(I22865)‎
Geburt 11. Februar 1848 46 35 Sikorowo, Gora, Poland

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